5 Ancient Penis Enlargement Techniques Used And Why They Worked Or Didn't Work

A study of the history of penis enlargement reveals why men have used different methods of penis enlargement. While some of these methods have been deemed safe, others have been said to be extremely dangerous. Let us evaluate 5 ancient penis enlargement techniques used as well as why they work or didn't work.

1. Hanging weights

This is one of the most questionable practices in the history of penis enlargement. It was very common among the tribes in Africa. The procedure entailed manual attachment of weights on the tips of the penis as well as the scrotum. The only thing that this method does is to stretch the tissues found in the glans. In the end, or rather in the process, the penis shaft gets compromised. Even though this technique has been proven to lengthen the penis, there is always the danger of reducing the girth and resulting in poor circulation of the blood within the penis cells. As a result, the penis is deprived of the much required nutrients and oxygen for its growth. Besides, there is also the risk of suffering chronic pain, nerve damage and impotence.

2. Clamping

Clamping involved using constricting devices such as a cock-ring or a shoe string to clamp around the penis base – as an erect penis is being edged. This can be very problematic especially when a metal cock is being used. There are high risks of the engorged penis being trapped where amputation must be done. I don't mean to say that cock rings are unsafe. Rather, maximum caution is critical and the user must know that clamping doesn't enlarge a penis but only helps someone to maintain an erection.

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3. Injection

In my opinion, this is the strangest historical method of penis enlargement. During the 16th century, the male originating from the Topinama tribe of Brazil would look for a poisonous snake and then manipulate it in order to have them bite on the penis. The snake would then inject its venom in the men's bodies which led to engorgement of their dicks. As a modern man, I think that this is insane and utterly absurd. However, the Topinama men found the excruciating pain they experienced for six months worthwhile. In order to get a permanent erection, Borneo men would even to go to the extreme of inserting metal rods in their penises.

4. Jelqing exercise

This is one of the ancient penis enlargement techniques that are commonly applied in modern days. It is believed that the practice began in the Middle East and was often used by Arabic men to gain more than 20 inches. Like seriously? Although I find this quite exaggerated, the practice is widely in use today. The practice has been accorded new names such as milking, penis stretching and massaging. Jelqing is mainly used today and helps in penis enlargement.

5. Herbal supplements

For the longest time, the Chinese have been known as experts in herbal remedies. They seem to have a plant for every disease and condition. The Chinese herbal doctors started using herbs as an alternative to the most drastic techniques of enlarging the male member. Just like in other herbal remedies, the outcome varied considerably from one person to another. As a result, the Asian men started seeking other alternatives. In their moments of desperation, these men began feasting upon the testicles and penises of various animals. Unfortunately, the rather odd method was also unproductive which made more people to resolve to herbal medicine or even surgical procedures.

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