A Bigger Base Or A Bigger Head?

Does the size of a penis matter? The majority of people will say that it really does matter. In that regard, it is not difficult to understand why there is so much hype about penis enlargement. Typically, there are a lot of debates and discussions surrounding the importance of penis enlargement and the products and methods of achieving the same. There are basically two primary reasons why men go for penis enlargement.

In my opinion, the greatest reason for seeking an enlargement of the dick is to please a woman. Men do it in order to pleasure their women, more in bed. Apparently, every man wants to hear that he has what it takes to please any woman. In that case, some of them will go to any extent of enlarging their male member. And there is really nothing wrong about it. As long as safety precautions are kept into consideration, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Another reason for seeking penis enlargement by men is for their pleasure. They also want to have a pleasurable sexual experience. Apparently, a bigger penis has more surface area that encourages more sensitivity. This means that the man gets to enjoy better than before. Lastly, men believe that having a bigger dick increases their masculinity. I wouldn't blame them mainly because we live in a society when the manhood of a person is judged based on how they hang. Men will seek an enlargement of their penises for the sake of boosting their ego, or rather increasing their confidence.

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If gaining a couple more inches does you good in terms of confidence, there really isn't anything wrong about it, even though there are others ways of attaining the same. Gaining more confidence goes beyond penis enlargement to include things like self education, starting a side business to achieve financial stability and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, penis enlargement helps to pleasure a man by increasing their confidence. This is also a particular kind of pleasure. In any case, both instances bring happiness.

Now, when we talk about penis size, what is important? Is it the penile head or the penile base? The truth of the matter is, a bigger head is good to look at especially when fully erect. However, the more significant base can achieve what larger head cannot possibly achieve. Well, look at this way; the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman's genitalia. It is considered the most important hotspot. In that case, it should be stimulated before and during penetration for a woman to attain orgasm- although it's not always the case.

A bigger penis head cannot stimulate the clitoris during penetration. On the other hand, the larger base will stimulate the clitoris even during penetration. The result of this is multiple orgasms for a woman. Your woman receives what can only be described as marvellous and intense orgasm before and even during penetration.

On the other hand, a bigger penis head may make the penis too big to fit into the vagina of a woman. At other times, the penile head may be too small for a woman's vagina. Whatever happens, every couple has a right to enjoy sex maximally. Creativity is an important aspect when it comes to sex enjoyment. You may try new sex positions and styles until you establish the ones that make you two happy and satisfied.

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