A Trick To Make Her Admit She Prefers A Bigger Penis Than Yours

One of the things that disturb men the most is the opinion their women have about their penises. Indeed, the desire to please a woman drives men so much that some of them consider penis enlargement programs. A quick scan over the internet will tell you how desperately men wish to know the opinion of their dicks by their women. The problem is, you can't ask her directly- at least it has never been that easy. Further, even if you ask her, she will not tell you the truth.

She will not tell you the truth, but she will tell her, girlfriends, everything. Your woman will tell you what you wish to hear because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. She knows how important having a bigger dick is for you and will, therefore, tell you exactly what your ears want to hear. Besides not wanting to hurt your feelings, she doesn't want you to feel less of a man. This is especially true if a woman loves you and wishes to remain with you no matter what. Just because she tells her girlfriends about your penis and its capabilities shouldn't really disturb you. That's just how girls are.

So, how do you make her admit that she prefers a bigger cock? If you are in this dilemma, it's mainly because she tells you that your dick is big enough for her, yet you believe it is small. Before anything else, it is important for you to understand that there is a slight possibility that she is telling the truth- that your male member is perfect for her vagina. It is also important to note that women don't pay too much attention to the size of your penis. If she is with you and has been with you, it's because she loves you and you have also shown that you really do love her. Women are emotional beings who care for attention, love, tenderness and kindness more than anything else.

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Let's see the terms used by women to describe penis sizes when they are talking to a guy. Of course, she will use different terms when describing your penis to fellow women. In the previous posts, I have shared with you a series of tricks to help you know whether she prefer a larger dick than yours. Today, I will show you a different way of approaching the whole thing.

This method is quite direct. The most straightforward technique is to recommend the use of sex toys in your sexual relationships. If your woman doesn't like sex toys, the hardest time will be to convince her to comfortably try sex toys with her. Supposing she accepts, shop for objects of varying sizes and textures. This will give you an opportunity to observe how she instinctually responds to them. Prior to doing this, be prepared for whatever outcome-even if it doesn't favour you.

What happens if you realise that you are smaller for her? If you discover that your woman prefers a larger penis, it will work as an eye opener. Why so? You will devise ways of preventing her from ever seeking a bigger penis. Establish ways of making her happy and becoming a better lover. Most importantly, show your woman that you love her more than anything and everyone else in the world. This is what she needs more than anything else. And be calm because, she is with you because she wants to stay.

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