505 Does Penis Size Matter?

Men with smaller sized penis are always uncomfortable, especially when they have to discuss about their manhood. The main reason being that women prefer men with a normal or bigger sized penis who can satisfy their inner intense sexual desire.

Some of the sexologists emphasize more on love making act, rather than the size of the penis. The 1st thing that allures your partner is your sex appeal and not the size of your manhood. Making love is an art that can be excelled with proper sexual knowledge and practice.

At the time of erection, the size of penis increases up to a maximum of 2 or 3 inches, due to intense flow of blood. It is thus claimed that a smaller sized manhood doesn't really matters, especially when you intend to rock your partner's world. The size of flaccid penis, which is responsible for reproduction doesn't depend upon the size of penis. Irrespective of the size of penis, when hard, it knows what to do.

Healthy Mind and Body:

For a better sexual role play, it is very important that your heart and soul is healthy. Stressful life, smoking habit, alcohol, food, and many others affect your sexual life. Size of the manhood doesn't matter at all when you are stressed or tensed a lot. A healthy brain coordinates with the whole body and instructs them to supply adequate blood towards penis. This blood flow gets accumulated inside the 3 chambers of your penis, thus increasing their size at the time of erection. This doesn't happen when you are mentally worn out.

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Women's Expectation:

In case, your penis doesn't grow up one or 2 inches at the time of erection, then no doubt it is a matter of concern and needs immediate attention. Moreover, during love making the size of penis doesn't matter, as women look for the deep sense of sexual pleasure. Your partner might only talk to you about her discontent with your manhood, is she is not satisfied physically.

The size of penis is more of psychological requirement, than a physical demand. It is assumed that men having penis sized between 5-7 inches can sexually rock their world. This might not be the case with men smaller sized penis. On the other women prefer more of oral sex size of manhood doesn't bother them at all.

A woman expects her partner to be a charming prince, with attractive look, slightly blended with intelligence, caring, and affectionate. The size of penis is something that she looks at the end. There has been a theory that states that men with longer penis are lousy love makers, not able to fully content their female partner.

The Real Size of Manhood:

The average size of penis of a man has never been longer than 4 or 5 inches. 7 inches of penis is quite rare and almost non existent. If there is one, then there is no guarantee that these men can satisfy their partner's sexual desire. It is more of good and intimate sex that matters more, when compared to the size of the penis. Women prefer more of foreplay that intimacy, and you need to learn the art of excelling them.

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