How To Use Penis Enlargement Stretchers?

Whether you are a first timer or are well acquainted with the use of penis enlargement devices; this article is of significant and I encourage you to go through it.

I saw it somewhere that claimed that some devices are superior to other a fact you can proof on your own. Among the leading devices for natural penis enhancement in the market currently is the penis device.

According to body engineering study principle; this is the new wearing design; which is well researched, wonderfully designed and fashion shaped device. The problem however lies in it use.

You should note that when using the penis device it needs no medical supervision. Nevertheless, how it is used will bring different effects to the user in terms of natural penis enhancement. The method below is the best on how to use this device.

Step 1

Firstly, you should adjust the penis device to the suitable length. Then when your penis is loose, you should pull the prepuce in order to enclose the penis to one side of your body.

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Subsequently, pull your penis to the opposite side of your body and make it in the stretching state. Secondly, you should put the plastic ring on the penis bottom and then pull out the penis in order to put the glans on the concave surface of the plastic support.

Step 2

Having that, then, you pull the device towards your body more closely. Here should note that when keeping such tight condition you should put the fixed twitch-up on the adjustable bracket of flank. Note that the distance between the fixed twitch-up and the fixed bracket is appropriate when the glans part is fixed on it and that no pain occurs from it.

You should pull the prepuce towards the body's direction in order to avoid pinching the frenulum of prepuce or rather coronary sulcus wrinkling.

Step 3

You should rotate the two adjusting knobs towards inner sides in order to adjust the traction power. For the first 2-3 weeks, you should not use it more than 4-5 hours per day, with less traction. But past 3 weeks, tensile strength should be increased progressively between 6-12 hours' treatment per day.

Nevertheless, you should know that for the first 2-3 weeks, the device should be taken off in order to relax the penis tissues for a few minutes; after every one and a half hours you should take a rest and massage the penis gently. Finally, after using the penis device, take it off and restore it into the box after cleaning and disinfecting.

By using the enlargement device the changes in natural penis enhancement will be evident. In conclusion, if you want optimum results, then it is a mandatory to follow the steps I have outlined above for a natural penis enhancement.

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