Misconceptions About Penis Size And Penis Extenders

It is awkward talking to any man about the size of his penis. Talking to them about the standard size, the size of the dick that women would love, the size that is deemed best, male enhancement methods that need to be considered in case one feels his dick is too tiny are some of the difficult topics to discuss with men.

Men, however, try to find answers to these difficult thoughts, and there has always been a flop because the explanations available mostly lie. A majority of males who have issues with the penises and methods of enlarging them have fallen prey to untrue information that needs to be done away with by providing them true answers to their uncountable questions.

Quite a number of males have had a misconception about the average size of their manhood. The standard size of a penis is about four to five inches long when flaccid. However, most people think that this size is tiny and therefore shy away from the size that is average.

Many males are four to five inches long when flaccid hence nothing to be afraid of as far as the size is concerned. Another issue causing headache to men in the bedroom is whether the size of one’s penis is linked to how good he can perform.

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It is wrong to hold onto the misconception that one with a bigger member will perform excellently. Performance is not dependent on the size of the manhood but rather on the positions and styles that one explores during the act.

Further, other individuals have linked the size of one’s penis to their races. They link a large penis size to certain races although this lacks scientific proof. This is a misconception because one’s geographical location has nothing to do with the size of one’s dick. Other people relate the length of the feet and hands to the size of the penile shaft. They believe that a man whose feet and hands are long tend to have a long penis and vice versa.

Men who believe that their manhood is not big enough have gone an extra mile to purchase devices that aid in enlarging both the length and the thickness of their penis. The devices are referred to as penis stretchers that work by traction to increase the size of the member.

While some people think that the penis stretcher is inefficient, others overestimate its function and connect it with larger gains. A penis stretcher has been scientifically proven to increase about one to two inches to the original size of the penis. Though little, the outcome has a way of boosting one’s self-esteem and confidence. These are factors that contribute to better performance in bed. A confident man is a better performer because of believing in oneself thereby yielding better results in satisfying his woman.

Now that one is assured of an increase in size, it is thought that penis stretchers could be very expensive and unaffordable. Surprisingly, their prices are low when compared to the results that they give. They are far much cheaper than other enhancement methods such as surgery.

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