Never Use Padded Underwear To Fake A Big Bulge

Apparently, men are so obsessed with their penis sizes that they do anything to make them appear bigger. Apart from going all the way to attain more prominent member, a good number of them are more than willing to walk in padded underwear. Yes, you got me right. If you have never seen padded underwear in your life, it is typically meant to make you appear like you have got more going on down there than you actually do. Interesting, right? I thought so too, the first time I heard about it and so them on the internet.

In as much as padded underwear make you appear more endowed down there, I have always advised against wearing them. I don't mean to discredit any product, but wearing them means discrediting the little manhood you think you have. For someone to wear this kind of underwear, they must already have the notion that their penises are smaller. Even if you have a small penis, let no woman catch you wearing it- you won't like her reaction. But why shouldn't I wear one? Don't women wear padded bras and still manage to get away with it?

Well, I also thought the same way. Thankfully, I always have a habit of analysing every little aspect of everything that catches my interest. From the word go, I kept thinking, if women can wear padded bras, attract men and keep them, why can't I use padded underwear for a similar mission? For starters, I concluded that women create a false impression of their breasts because they would also love men with bigger dicks. Although they don't pay much attention to the size of a man's cock, there is no woman who doesn't love a man with a big member. Apart from the sexual pleasure experienced during penetration, the very sight of a full and lengthy penis is enough to make a woman experience sexual pleasure.

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So, what is the difference between wearing a padded bra and underwear? Well, there is a whole lot of difference. First and foremost, a woman breasts don't play the same role as your penis. Both of them are important sexual organs that serve very different purposes. It is true that a man will feel cheated and disappointment upon noticing that a woman doesn't have as big and firm breasts as he was made to believe. However, the frustration will disappear as soon as the man penetrates the woman and begins experiencing intense sexual pleasure.

It's a different case altogether when it comes to the penis and padded underwear. Upon removing the underwear and exposing your member, the look in her eyes is enough to express her disappointment. You will kill her sexual desire almost immediately. This is mainly because, in her mind, she anticipated a fuller and lengthy penis- as portrayed by the padded underwear. You know the worst that could happen? She will tell all her friends about it. Of course, you know that she isn't going to spare any detail.

Regardless of how small you are, don't give a woman you are eyeing a false impression of your cock size- you will regret it, big time. Reveal your true self from the word go and let her decide whether or not she will stay with you. A huge percentage of women don't really care about the penis size. Women are emotional beings and as long as they love you, and you are emotionally involved with them, there is no cause for alarm.

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