Penis Enlargement Combinations Bring Faster Results

You just have to make a quick scan on the internet on ways to increase penis size for you to see the numerous options available. There is all sort of advice on the internet. One article will depict that jelqing is the best as others say that penis enlargement devices are the way to go. Better still, others will tell you that the use of ointments, creams and herbal supplements is the way to go. Like in most of the things in this life, a combination of different techniques will typically deliver optimal results. In my experience, using a combination of penis enlargement device, and penis exercises such as jelqing is what one needs to receive maximum benefits.

Let us first understand the basics of penis enlargement before delving into the combination aspect of penis enlargement. It is imperative for you to understand what each of the approaches has to offer when used separately. Let's begin by discussing penis enlargement devices.

Male enhancement devices usually employ a time-tested process where tension is applied to the dick over an extended period of time. The pressure is meant to stretch the underlying tissue and consequently promote growth. Just like muscles exercises result in increased mass and strength, application of constant pressure to the dick also helps it to grow. Tension or traction penis enlargement devices are the best in this regard compared, to say, penis pumps.

On the other hand, Jelqing is typically an ancient practice that is believed to have been developed by the Egyptians approximately thousands of years ago. Jelqing entails two principles namely stretching and engorgement. The logic behind engorging the penis with blood is to assist you maintain an erection for a long time. In turn, it makes it easier to grow larger. As far as stretching the penile tissue is concerned, it is critical because it promotes the natural growth of the penis tissue which in turns causes an increase in both girth and length.

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A combination of penis enlargement device and jelqing exercise

The two methods can be combined in different ways depending on the advice you are following. The first approach entails engaging in jelqing exercises before attaching the male enhancement device on your penis. The idea is for the penis to be engorged with blood and then stretched in order to increase the effectiveness of the enlargement device. The approach and the reason behind it sound very reasonable and it has worked for some people. However, you need to be careful to avoid head swell. This is a situation when the penis is too hard which results in pain when the penis device is attached.

The second way of combining device and jelqing is to make use of the device as instructed but removing it a day or two weekly. During these days, you may engage in jelqing exercises for one or two sessions in a day. By doing so, you will encourage the flow of blood during your recovery days and consequently gaining more inches much faster. The disadvantage of this approach is that it might decrease the number of times you have sex. People who have used this method claim that their cocks remained engorged for hours upon finishing the jelqing exercises.

That said, ointments and creams are very useful lubricants as well as tissue softeners. They can assist to ease possible discomfort and most importantly, accelerate the process of recovery. Herbal supplements can also help to restore appropriate levels of the hormone which improves the functioning of the body system.

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