Penis Enlargement: It's About Pleasure - Hers And Yours

Different individuals such as the likes of Martin Luther King Junior devised theories that explain a certain characteristic of human beings. According to these theorists, human beings are innately selfish. They first seek to fulfil their desires before thinking about the next person. How true is this when it comes to sexual relationships? Do you seek your own sexual pleasure and forget about your partner? Are you seeking penis enlargement only for your personal gains?

Well, let me give you a secret today. If you want your partner to be loyal to your relationship and you particularly, always think about her when you are making decisions that affect her. I don't know what has driven you into pursuing male enhancement. However, I would love to let you know that penis enlargement shouldn't only be about your own pleasure, but also for her. How does this happen? It arises from the immense benefits obtained from enlargement of the cock.

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First and foremost, in as much as your woman could be satisfied with your present penis size, she will be immensely happy with a larger one. A larger penis size (increased girth and size) means that you will finally be able to touch all her hotspots namely, the clitoris, the G-spot and even the vagina walls. When these areas are adequately stimulated, a woman can attain multiple intense orgasms. That's why I am saying that she will experience more pleasure. A penis that has increased in girth, or rather one with a bigger base makes it possible for the clitoris to be stimulated even during penetration. In the heat of the hard in and out penis throws, her clitoris will be stimulated, resulting in more pleasure. When the penis is fuller, the man can effortlessly touch the vaginal walls in whichever sexual position.

Speaking of sex styles and position, a relationship should be characterised by new ideas. When one or two sex positions are used, sex can become so boring and there will be nothing to look forward to. Imagine a situation where your penis size allows for any sex style. Do you know what this means? It means enjoying sex much more than you did before- both you and your partner. Sex becomes much more exciting and most importantly, something to look forward to. She will not fake those sprinting headaches as constantly as before. Do you believe it when she says she has a headache, particularly when you are in the right mood for sex? Hey, I don't either- just occasionally, like in the days when I know she has had a long day for real.

Penis enlargement makes your cock more sensitive to the touch. The logic behind this is that male enhancement makes your penis have a bigger surface area. As a result, you are likely to experience more pleasure than before through any kind of stimulation namely oral sex, hand job and even during penetration. Besides, when you are bigger, you have more confidence which makes you a better lover. In the absence of doubts, worries and fears regarding your penis size, nothing will prevent you from enjoying every moment of your sexual encounter. In the process of giving every sexual experience your very best, your woman also experiences an optimal sexual pleasure.

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