Penis Enlargement Weights Versus Other Methods

What are penis weights? The method is based on the principles of the application of sustained and constant tension to the penis. The cells within the penis multiply and divide, resulting in increased tissue mass and a longer penis. The problem with weight hangings is that it cannot help the girth of your penis, and have a tendency to extend the penis so causing an actual decrease in penis girth. The procedure is also very much time consuming. It requires use of the weights for periods of up to twelve hours daily for many months.

Natural penis exercises:

When compared to penis weights natural penis enhancement exercises can be an extremely effective method to increase penis length by up to 3 inches and penis width by up to 2 inches.

The penis has three chambers, and the blood flow is increased so that these chambers will hold. If more blood gets into the penis, it becomes much bigger. The walls of the cell are broken down and more blood is forced gently through them, this is achieved performing planned exercises.

This allows a greater flow of blood and therefore results in a bigger penis. This is not only a safe alternative, but the achieved results of increased length and girth is permanent even after the exercises stop. Exercises are a genuine way to have a bigger penis, without any of the risk of using penis weights.

Penis enhancement pills:

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The natural herbal enhancement pills are very effective. An active herbal component in most penis pills helps in increased blood flow. The enhancement in the blood flow will lead to more blood into the penis chamber and consequently sustaining the erection for a much longer time. The herbal pills combined with minerals and vitamins can prove very effective in old aged men.

Consumption of herbal ingredients pills must be accompanied by regular penile stretching exercises. Do not go for penis weights method due to its drawbacks. Any method will take a considerable amount of time to obtain the benefits.

Penis pills users expect about 2 to 3 inches in the size of penis. Most people are satisfied and happy with the diminution in early ejaculation and achieved a significant increase in sexual drive with the partner.

Disadvantages of penis enhancement weights:

The method has one major disadvantage like it stretches the ligaments too much and can cause serious problems. It can possibly even produce permanent damage, if not used correctly.

Another disadvantage is that hanging weights from the penis can cause a long-term restriction of blood flow to the penile glands. This can cause infection which would ultimately lead to a serious problem.

Penis enlargement weights incorrectly used can put a lot of strain and continued misuse of it could even lead to serious problems. So if penis weights seem to be something you are willing to try, you should make it a point to first understand the information provided on those stuffs.

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