Penis Size, Confidence And Self-Esteem

The topic of penis size is more alive today than it was a few years ago. This shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that men didn’t care about the size of their penises. Apparently, men who lived in the ancient times engaged in various activities to lengthen their dicks. Unfortunately, technology hadn’t evolved as it has today. For this reason, they would use highly risky methods of enlarging the male member. For instance, some men would expose their cocks to poisonous snake bites. Others hang weights on their wieners. Thankfully, things have since changed for the better. In modern times, there are a bunch of penis enlargement methods and products available on the market- you just have to choose the right one for you.

That aside, why do men want to have bigger penises? It has to do with a number of factors. Top among them are confidence and self-esteem. These are common topics in the modern society. Individuals are encouraged to engage in activities that help raise their confidence and self-esteem levels. It is not unusual to see a woman struggling with her body image. Luckily, the majority of women issues have or are being addressed. On the other hand, men body image issues haven’t been addressed sufficiently. Why? It is because; the body image concerns of the male population originate from their penis sizes.

The society has made men believe that their masculinity has to do with the size of their cocks. A man who is well endowed appears to have all the confidence in the world. They intimidate fellow men almost everywhere- in the streets, in the public urinals and even gym locker rooms. On the other hand, men who believe that their penises are small, tend to keep to themselves. Some of them are even afraid of having intimate love relationships. They are afraid of the consequences of not being able to sexually satisfy a woman.

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Sadly, even the average sized men think they are not adequately endowed. They want to have the same size as their favourite porn star. More often than not, what you see on those films are pictures that have been interfered with via all forms of camera tricks. I don’t deny that there are men who are greatly packaged. What I mean to say is that you needn’t be comparing yourself to them. This will lower your self-esteem and confidence even much further. The average penis length is approximately five to six inches.

If your penis size concerns are affecting your self-esteem and confidence levels, then something needs to be done. One of the ways of calming the situation is pursuing penis enlargement. Penis extenders are becoming increasingly useful in resolving issues to do with penis size. The use of these devices takes time, and thus patience is imperative. You must, therefore, understand that penis extender results aren’t obtained overnight. Nevertheless, the outcome is impressive- if you use the device as instructed.

At the end of the day, not every man’s problem will be resolved by a penis extender. Being comfortable with your manhood begins with taking action. Even before you have seen the end results, you will begin to experience a new level of self-confidence. The fact that you are doing something to improve your situation is enough to make you feel better about yourself. Finally, when you have attained a couple more inches, your confidence will increase even more substantially.

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