Penis Stretcher Frequently Asked Questions

When people are looking for a penis enlargement method they often have a lot of questions. That is why you should do as much research as possible.

You need to have the most information that you can find without having to spend a lot of time to do so.

Let us take a look at some frequently asked questions about penis stretchers and see how they can help you.

What Is The Traction Concept?

The traction concept is very simple really. Traction is the idea of applying constant pressure to something to cause it to grow. This very same principle is often applied to the growth of limbs. Many midgets in the world are known to take part in traction to try and get their limbs to grow to a more normal length.

The same idea is applied to the idea of penis enlargement. The penis stretcher is applied and allows for constant pressure to the penis. This makes certain that the penis grows.

What Is The Penis Made Of?

Despite what you might have learned while you were a teen, the penis does not contain any bones. You may have heard of a boner, but that is simply a misnomer to be honest.

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The penis is made up of a large grouping of elastic tissue that can contract and expand when it is stimulated.

What Is The Maximum Length To Be Achieved With A Penis Stretcher?

This is a difficult question to answer as it tends to depend on the personal genetic make up of the person. For a basic average, you can look to the sites. The most common form is to say that you can achieve an increase as much as three inches.

However, new studies have shown that an increase in the length of the penis of about one and one half inches is most common for a six month time usage.

Will The Penis Go Back To Normal Size?

This is a very common question. The results from the penis stretcher are going to be very permanent. That is why you should use this product for your penis enlargement needs. The results are going to make you more happy than most of the other methods.

Will My Penis Get Thin?

When you are using a penis stretcher there is nothing that will make the penis get thin. Thanks to the way that the traction device works, there is nothing that will cause you any kind of thin penis problem.

Do I Have To Have A Small Penis To Use This Product?

No, the penis enlargement device known as a traction device can be used on any size penis. Many people who already have a large or maybe a medium penis will use the product to get a bit of extra length or may be girth.

This is very common and there is nothing to say that you have to have a small penis for this product to work. Just be careful when setting the device so that you do not cause any kind of damage. Remember that this device is also well placed for male enhancement.

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