Peyronie's Disease: Treating Penile Curvature

There are many things that can affect the penis. Over the years the doctors and medical community have discovered several diseases and such that can affect the penis.

Now then, this does not mean they have figured out cures for the penis problems. No, they have actually only figured out the names of the problems and some possible causes.

Not all of the diseases have any kind of cause that is known. That is what makes so many of these problems so distressing.

There is sometimes nothing that the doctors can do for the person. That is where the idea of alternative medicine comes into play for the most part.

When the idea comes to a head for the suffering of the people with penis problems, there is nothing that a lot of people can do. Since most of the causes have never been found and may never be, there is little they can do for the treatment of the disease.

Only through the newest and most possible research and studies will any of the causes ever be discovered. That is why there are now a lot of foundations that are dedicated to the discovery of these diseases and so on.

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Peyronie's disease is one such disease. This affliction is commonly referred to as penile curvature which can be highly dangerous. The main effect of this disease is a very pronounced curve in the penis, almost to the point where it can be pointing in the opposite direction of the base.

People who are afflicted with this disease know will note that a large ring around the penis made up of firm calcium like material. This is the point where the curve is most defined. The pain at this point of the penis is also most intense.

However, many of the people who have this disease will not notice this ring until it is too late. Erections are extremely painful with this disease and can lead to more damage than has already been done. Now then, the real issue is the treatment of the disease.

Many doctors will tell their patients that just waiting around is the only thing that will help. They believe that once the calcium ring is left alone then it will eventually go away. This can be a long and painful process for the patients but seems to be the only medically approved treatment.

The alternative is the penis extender. Doctors have begun to experiment with the penis extender as a treatment for the curvature and there have been very good results. The main reason for this is the fact that while the penis is at rest it is being pulled forward by the device.

This is teaching the penis to grow forward and not with the normal bend that is with this disease. So we have the idea that the use of this penis enlargement method you can actually cure a bad disease at the same time.

Always check with your doctor before starting any new treatment. This is only for those that have the mild form of this disease.

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