Stretchers Vs. Penis Pumps: Which One Is For You?

It's been a long time that the researchers have always been coming up with a yet another, newer approach to penis enhancements. Every time the next technology is expected to be more effective, possibly fast for results, and most significantly to be more comfortable and safer than the previous ones.

In such a series of development of the enlargement methods, before the penis traction devices, it was in early 70's that the innovative minds came forward with another scientific approach. It was a vacuum pump with which the developers' expectations were quite high, especially from its performance.

The Vacuum Pumps

It's true that the vacuum pumps were primarily designed to effectively deal with the issues of erectile dysfunctions, and other erection related issues. But, they took no time, in discovering it's yet another in-fact more significant benefit, and that was for enlarging the genital. Soon the size maniacs all across the globe were impressed with such an implementation of the scientific principle, to meet their needs. Even the developers found it a great innovation in the enlargement sector.

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So, in order to reveal the science behind the enlargement benefits of those pumps, to the curious minds, the researchers explained the vacuum principle that was implemented on this method. When the air tight tube is put around the penis, and is sealed properly, it is needed to pump out all the inside air through a manual or electric pump. So since now the chamber is a vacuum, so there in compelled more and more blood into the penis tissues, with which it gradually expands and the pressure is reduced.

However, the approach seemed not so safe. Besides, this temporary gain has to be retained by a rubber or plastic ring. As soon as the vacuum pump was removed the enhancements also diminished gradually in a little time. So, in a way, people started considering it as more of a technique to attain temporary erections for sex, rather than a size enhancer.

The Traction Devices

So to deal with those shortcomings, and to finally come up with the safest, most comfortable, and the most effective of all enlargement techniques, they finally introduced the penis devices. Since, its underlying principle of traction has been proven for ages for permanent gains, so there can never be raised any question in this context.

Besides, there are even clinical supports to the effectiveness of these devices, and needless to mention the innumerable happy users all across the globe always have recommended these devices for great permanent benefits. Its comfort and safety adds up even more to its preferences over those vacuum pumps.

Penis devices are based on the effective science of traction, in which the constant stretch compels your penile tissues to significantly grow in number. Hence, it's not only the shape of the organ that is enhanced, rather even the total blood holding capacities of the tissues are also greatly improved. So that seems a comfortable approach to a bigger penis. Besides, the safety and comfort associated with those devices are the foremost concerns for every manufacturer.

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