The Potential For Overuse With Penis Enlargement Devices

Many men who order penis enlargement devices are eager to use them. After all, who can't resist an offer to see increased length and width of their penis and get a better sex life?

The enthusiasm is admirable, but men should be aware that they really need to use the penis enlargement device according to the maker's instructions only.

If men do not read the instructions and make sure that they understand them, men run the risk of injury, either because of using the penis enlargement device wrong or using the penis enlargement device for too long a period of time.

Either way, the discomfort can be unbearable and making even walking difficult.

Possible damage

Men who use their penis enlargement device improperly, that they either use it wrong or they use it for too long a period of time, are risking possible damage to their penises. There are several different kinds of injuries that can be sustained; there is always the possibility that this damage could end up being permanent.

Men may experience soreness and/or nerve damage from misusing penis enlargement devices. The level of pain may be unbearable in some cases and a visit to your family physician will be required in order to find any possible relief. A sudden end to your sex life can't be good for your relationship or your self-esteem.

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Limit to benefits

What some men might not realize is that there is a limit to the benefits that could be gained from using penis enlargement devices, no matter how much time and energy you put into it day after day, no matter how much you want to try.

At some point, the penis will gain whatever additional growth it will gain and that's it. Repeated use of your penis device for longer and longer periods of time may not get you any additional benefit. In fact, the additional time in the penis enlargement device can be injurious to you. And sometimes that injury can be permanaent.

Visit the physician

If you have a penis enlargement device and have been experiencing any kind of discomfort or injury, you should always contact your primary care physician. There's always the chance that you have been using the penis enlargement device wrong or you have been using it too much.

In this case, your family physician will very likely be able to assist you with a diagnosis and course of treatment to alleviate any pain or discomfort you may be feeling that are related to penis enlargement devices.

So you see, the potential for overuse of your penis enlargement device is something that many men should be aware of. The level of injury you can risk includes nerve damage and vascular damage. Increased use, beyond that as directed in the accompanying instructions, probably won't do you much good.

Always be ready to consult with your family physician as needed. You can be assured of your privacy and your confidentiality. Your doctor is there to help -- don't be ashamed to turn to him for support

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