The Pro's And Con's Of Penis Enlargement Pumps

Individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction can confidently rely on penis pumps to get rid of their nightmares. As a matter of fact, this device was originally designed to help men suffering from ED. Overtime, though; men have learnt to use penis pumps to pleasure themselves. For instance, a good number of them use penis pumps as a tool for masturbation.

Much has been said about what a penis pump can help one achieve, and what it can’t. I must say that there is a lot of confusion and misconceptions concerning the same. For example, there are claims that penis pumps can help to increase the penis size. Well, the truth of the matter is, penis pumps can only provide temporary penis gains. Regardless, there are a couple of benefits that you can reap from the use of penis enlargement pumps. Here, we consider both advantages and disadvantages of this popular male enhancement device.

Advantages of penis enlargement pump

  • Penis pumps provide a useful means of treating erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, ED has become a common problem among men. Times are hard, and men have to deal with the pressures and stresses that come with it. The majority of ED cases have a psychological background. A man who is much stressed has high chances of suffering from ED. The good thing is that the right penis pump can come in extremely handy.

  • They are safe, non invasive as well as a cheaper option- compared to other methods such as penis surgery. Once you have purchased a penis pump, it becomes yours and you will not spend again in the future.

  • Men who have difficulties obtaining an erection (it happens at times), may use a penis pump to resolve the problem. Also, if you are able to achieve an erection but have difficulties maintaining it, a constriction band can be placed at the lower end of the penis, and left there for around thirty minutes. I love the fact that one can have sex with the band in place.

  • Penis pumps are a good way of enhancing sexual performance. Its ability to improve the flow of blood to the penis facilitates quicker and larger erections. What is more, if the device is regularly used to generate erection without engaging in sex, your body adapts to the new pattern of blood flow. Over time, this pattern becomes a routine, even when the device isn’t used.

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  • As already mentioned, some men use penis pump as a masturbation tool. That quick release can so easily be come possible with the use a penis pump. It is such a big saviour when you are sexually excited and all you want to do is have a quick release.

The disadvantages of penis enlargement pump

  • It doesn’t promote permanent penis enlargement. The effects are only temporary. However, if regularly used, in the absence of sexual intercourse, the body could adapt the rhythm of faster and increased the flow of blood to the penis area.

  • Improper use of the device could result in serious penis injury. Also, light to moderate pumping is recommended to avoid penis damage

  • There are chances of someone becoming dependent on the penis pump. When this happens, it becomes impossible to maintain an erection without the device. To minimise the likelihood of dependency, avoid using the device on a regular basis.

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