Women Generally Don't Express Their Feelings About Penis Size

It is every man's desire to know whether his tool is capable enough to satisfy a woman. It is very difficult to find out whom to ask and how get the correct information about your penis size. If you ask your girlfriend or your wife you may not get the correct data. According to the experts' saying, your partner will surely hide the fact from you. If you come to know about the fact you may feel bad, keeping this in mind they always tend to hide the fact.

There have been many studies which show the factors which prevent them from saying the truth. We have studied the reports and here are some of the reasons which can tell about the facts as why women hide the truth.

  • It is very much evident and common sense that if a woman is really in love with a man she ignores all sorts of flaws. You can take your own example, your partner wants to be nice with you and she will flatter you. The goodness will go off if she tells the truth about your undersized penis. It is quite obvious that if you have an average or small penis you really want to know how your partner feels about the size but you don't want to hear it from your partner.
  • Studies have shown that there is lot more profoundly grounded reason as why most of the women hide their preferences for having bigger dick. For the longer period talking about women's sexual life was considered to be not a topic to be discussed in public. Whilst it was OK for men to discuss openly about their intimate desire. In many cultures women were taught to hide their feelings. If a girl or woman openly talks about the penis size, she is considered to be a slut. Men usually don't like the sluts to have as a long term partner.

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As a result of which as far as women are considered honesty is said to be not an option when it comes to the speaking about penis size. For women the only way to express their feelings is through Internet, where they can speak anonymously. When you visit the forums that are meant for the penis size and related issues, you will get lots of comments from women who express their desires.

Even after all sorts of facilities some of the women want to maintain their happiness and in order to please their men they stay away from all sorts of comments or arguments. You can find lots of web sites which will explain you frankly about the feelings of women, but some web sites post both kinds of feelings which may be confusing to you.

You need to be aware and clear of what exactly you want. According to some researches it has been found that some women really don't care about the penis. In such cases the women are least bothered about the sex in their life.

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