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Who We Are?

The basis on which you have visited our website is to know whether X4Labs System will work for you or whether it is a scam. We think that you are not happy with your penile size at this moment and that hearing about X4Labs system may assist in stretching and enlarging your penis efficiently. But if you are thinking of buying X4Labs System and require some impartial advice, then you have come to the correct review website. 

We have created this review website specifically to assist males in deciding which of the penis enlargement device will work for them. We are a self-governing and consumer support group that helps males that are in look out for the male enlargement through a quality penis enhancement device. But we are informational review website. The penis enhancement systems mentioned and reviewed on our website do not focus on treatment or prevention of any type of disease. All the claims for the systems are based on different criteria that include third party clinical/scientific studies, supplier information, customer testimonials, medical endorsements, our independent research and even the user posted documented support forums. 

Let me remove your uneasiness, you are not the only person, nearly ninety percent of men want to increase their penile size. Naturally, males like to fulfill their partner’s sexual needs which are the basic and important aspect for a successful relationship. It has been see that quite a number of relationships have failed due to inability of males to satisfy their partner fairly.

Current Top 5 Penis Enlargement Devices

Enlargement Devices Size
Ultimate Stretcher
Overall User Rating Rated
Size Gain 2-3
2-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches 1-3 inches
Doctor Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comfort Mechanism Included Included No No No
Reputation Outstanding Excellent Excellent Poor Poor
Support Outstanding Excellent Very Good Poor Poor
Guarantee 6 Mths 6 Mths 6 Mths 6 Mths 6 Mths
Bonuses Yes Yes No No No

Editorial Rating

9.9/10 9.8/10 9.6/10 9.7/10 9.0/10
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What Benefits Can I Achieve With X4Labs System?

X4Labs System package offers the following benefits:

  • This system makes the erections hard and to last long as well. They become much improved than before.

  • The sexual performance much better due to improved self-confidence.

  • There is a seventy percent change in the penile curvature as it gets straightened out.

  • The penile and length and the girth increase permanently.

  • The orgasms are better controlled by men due to different exercise techniques. So every is intense and strong. The males do not need to feel embarrassed as there will no premature ejaculation but rather they can enjoy having sex with their partner.

  • An impressive six months of money back guarantee is offered with the X4Labs System. You should try using the X4Labs system for sure.

  • You will get other different benefits as well. 

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What Exactly Is The X4Labs System?

X4 Labs is a multi-approach male enhancement system that works without one having to undergo any expensive surgery. There are many who are victims of cheap penis patches or pills and for them it is advised to use elements from the X4 labs extender system for an overall better sexual performance.

Some of the cheap pills or patches available online are not only ineffective but they harbor dangerous side effects coupled with mental trauma. Thus, people need to be cautious and check which is the system that works.

Clinically Proven Penis Enlargement Device

X4 labs extender device, comes from X4 Labs a leading Canadian company that manufactures medical devices and therefore the device has been developed under highest quality medical standards. The company assures of guaranteed solution and long-term customer support for its usage.

The device can be worn any time, be it walking, running, standing or even sitting. It is also not visible to anyone so no one will ever know that a person is wearing penis enhancement device. X4 labs extender system is a package of device plus exercise approach plus access to PenisAccess website.

The device acts by traction and it comprise of a rounded base through which the penis passes. The look of the device is further given its due height with hinge rods on both sides of the base extending along the penis shaft on both sides. Head of the penis is placed on a saddle that is present between the ends of the rods.

The hybrid support system of X4 labs extender combines features of classical noose as well as silicone strap system making it compatible for any penis type, with utmost comfort to the wearer, so one can wear it for longer time periods that can assure faster desired results.

Penis erects with little pressure and the same principle is applied by the device, and whereby the cavities inside penis get enlarged and get filled up with blood. Increased blood flow improves the cellular health and the cells are prompted to multiply which eventually increases the penile tissue.

The package helps to gain a permanent increase in length as well girth of penis up to 3 inches coupled with bigger penis head size. The device also helps correct penile curvature to almost 70 per cent, minimizing the discomfort given to partner.

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PenisAcess Exercise Program

The exercises are available as tutorial video where exercises are demonstrated and then there is lifetime free access to PenisAccess where one can get tips and tricks for obtaining quicker results of enhancement. Importantly it assures of increased sexual knowledge, and helps enhance sexual performance to a great extent and teaches one the methods to incite orgasm in partner.

Diligent wearing of device coupled with exercise helps one attain male enhancement goals quicker. Additionally, the exercises in a long run put an end to problem of premature ejaculation. 

Increased penis size enhances self-esteem and one can perform better than before and improve quality of sex life. The company is offering the X4 labs extender system in a variety of packages depending on one’s budget. But there is a 6-months money-refund guarantee to all of these packages, so at least there is nothing to lose than trying.

Why X4Labs System Is Ranked #2 By Users Worldwide?

Reasons are aplenty, when it comes to ranking X4 Labs as number 2 male penis enlargement product. First off, the product is designed for effective usage and is clinically tested extensively. As medical fraternity recommends it widely, the product is extensively used.

Second, it has the distinct advantage over other devices because it is based on hybrid traction system that is crafted for prolonged use comfortably. The specially designed device helps improve blood circulation and help you attain stronger and harder erection.

The traditional penis devices consist of only silicone tubing method, whereas the modern extender device has wide silicone comfort strap, classic noose and adjustable loop fastening system making it perfect irrespective of whether a penis is circumcised or not this is.

The advantage that distinguishes it from other penile enlargement products is that it treats the Peyronie’s’ s disease. The extender works like a brace and thus enables to straighten the penis without resulting in any pain. 

The company provides outstanding 24x7 customer support that explains all queries in a timely and systematic manner.

The product comes with exclusive bonus offers too such as a male health guide DVD set and a free membership to PenisAccess, a premier penis enlargement online exercise program.

The company being confident of the efficacy of its product, it assures its customers money refund guarantee too within 6 months of purchase. Thus with lifetime warranty and quality grade material, the device has proved to be one of the best in the industry of male penis extender devices.

Our Independent Research And Conclusion

User Feedbacks: The users’ haven been quite satisfied with the quality of the customer service. They have reported a permanent penile gain of 2 to 3 inches as well. 

Our Verdict: The X4 labs comes with the wider comfort straps and the hybrid support system that make them of the most comfortable device to be available today. We only have received positive feedback about this product and that customers simply like it. The X4 labs comes in various packages which is liked by the customers and has resulted in its popularity.

The ‘Mini Edition’ has been designed for the short males, while the ‘Peyrones Edition’ has been designed for those who want to have a straight penis and get rid of the penile curvature permanently. And those who want to have maximum benefits they can buy the ‘Golden Premium Edition’ that can enlarge their penis effectively. It will cost you 199 dollars which is a good value for money for a high quality standalone device. If you are keen to buy a device only, we strongly advise you the X4 labs device.

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